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Fresh Green Dip

Fresh Green Dip



Acupuncture Maitland

Acupuncture Maitland

Acupuncture, Cupping, Therapeutic Massage, Food Therapy, Health Coaching, Private Yoga Instruction Fertility Winter Park Pain Management Weight Loss Maitland Infertility Maitland Pain Management Weight Loss Maitland Acupuncture Winter Park Pain Management Orlando Sports Injury Orlando Infertility Orlando Pain



"I was afraid of the idea of acupuncture, due to bad experiences with needles as a child (lots of penicillin shots). However, as I am on the computer all day for my job, I tend to have a lot of shoulder and arm stress. Amy convinced me to give acupuncture a try and it WORKS! One session with her and my shoulders release the tension and my back feels great. Her holistic approach and use of Chinese herbs has improved my quality of life." - Marilyn S., 5 Star Google Review

"Amy is the most intuitive & talented acupuncturist I have ever experienced. So grateful she is in my life."  Deedra B.

"Amy not only helped me lose 25 lbs, she helped me understand how I should be eating for the rest of my life. I feel great and I use the information she has given me everyday. Amy is great!" - Brian M

"I am a young and extremely active individual who struggled with IBS symptoms and excess body fat when I first came in contact with Amy. Despite the fact that no doctors had been able to pin point what was wrong with my digestive system, and no workout regimes had been able to get rid of my belly fat; Amy had me free of symptoms and in the best shape of my life within 3 months of her guidance and support. Thank you Amy!" - Sophie

"Amy was recommended to me by my best friend and I'm so grateful! She is very thorough and thoughtful in her patient evaluation. I value my twice a month sessions and would recommend it to anyone looking to heal and improve their health in a natural way." - Allison P.

        ACUPUNCTURE                   FOOD THERAPY                  HEALTH COACHING            AROMATHERAPY

 Our Treatments

  • Acupuncture

  • Aromatherapy Parties

  • Cupping

  • Ear Seeds

  • Food Therapy

  • Health Coaching

  • Injection Therapy

  • Private Qi Gong

  • Needle-Less Acupuncture

  • Facial Rejuvenation

The Points of Health


The Points of Health offers a customized program of complementary treatments designed to promote wellness, bring the body into balance, and restore vibrant health. 

Holistic treatment modalities have been used for centuries to treat and heal countless ailments, including musculoskeletal, digestive, neurological, hormonal, gynecological, emotional, respiratory, eye, ear, nose, and weight issues. Book a session now!

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