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Acupuncture has been used in Eastern medicine for centuries to promote relief, improve functioning, and restore health and well-being. The most common method of treatment in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture is increasingly being recognized in the West for its incredible healing power. 


Acupuncture involves the use of thin, hairlike needle to gently stimulate the body and encourage the flow of energy. As sensory receptors are stimulated, nerves transmit impulses to the brain, specifically the hypothalamic-pituitary system which is responsible for the release of neurotransmitters and endorphins. Endorphins are the body's natural pain-killing hormones, estimated to be 200 times more potenet than morphine, as well as playing a major role in the balance and functioning of the hormonal system. 


Acupuncture has been found to reduce pain and promote relaxation, as well as regulate serotonin in the brain. Other physiological efects of acupuncture include decreased inflammation, pain relief, increased circulation, and strengthened immune system. Acupuncture is especially helpful in treating back pain, arthritis, infertility, depression and mood, and stress. Acupuncture is a safe, natural and effective healing modality, offering relief from a number of neurological, musculo-skeletal, gynecological, urinary, emotional, gastrointestinal, and other issues. 


The Points of Health has helped countless clients lose weight, boost energy, and find relief from pain, headaches, depression, infertility, and more. 


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