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Pain Management Maitland
Pain Management Maitland
Fertility Maitland
Pain Management Maitland


"Don’t pass up an opportunity to see Amy. She is so incredibly knowledgeable for the human body and our health. She has been helping me with my severe anxiety and depression. Her prices are phenomenal and worth every investment. She was even giving me suggestions on pressure point exercise to continue in between sessions to help. Her love for clients is so pure. Thank you for everything Amy" - Candace S., 5 Star Google Review


"With Dr. Amy White you get a highly skilled Acupuncturist, a wise sage who offers life advice and helps to permanently manage stress, and dietary wisom. I wouldn't be where I am without her!! Thank you!" - B.F. 

"Amy you're so awesome. You are such a wonderful acupuncturist!! And are so kind, compassionate, and caring. You helped my pain! Thank you." - Karen S. 

“My first experience with Amy was great. Very positive and relaxing. I am optimistic that we will get some results from acupuncture to diminish or eliminate my chronic pain. Amy closely reviewing my paperwork and asked me questions about my answers. Can’t remember any doctor doing that in the past!” - Sheila K. 

"Just wanted to give you a special thank you for my Tremors yesterday.  When I got up from the table oh, they had stopped completely. I was shocked it stopped with only one treatment. Still has not return this morning. What a wonderful blessing. The tremors have been pretty severe since my surgery. God bless you, thank you again for all you do." - Vera


"I went in with the same amount of hope as I had skepticism and left feeling pleasantly surprised.

Amy was able bring an end to the pain I was feeling in my elbow and shoulder fairly early on.

Her no nonsense approach was refreshing and effective!

"Thank you for giving me my mobility and strength back to some areas of the body that have been in pain for months." - Nate B., 5 Star Google Review


“I started seeing acupuncturist, Amy White right before Christmas.  It was the first time I have gone to one and I went after a few people suggested that I five it a try.  I was desperate for some relief for my brain injury symptoms.  I an now going on record to say that I am 100% convinced in acupuncture treatments.  I noticed immediate relief.  People who know me say that there is a night and day difference in me from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I have a friend who say an acupuncturist for treatment of her plantar fasciitis and said she was completely healed after a few treatments.  I spent 2 years suffering from plantar fasciitis!  From now on, I will try acupuncture for any illnesses or injuries…especially ones that don’t respond to my doctor’s treatment.  I would suggest that if you have an ailment or injury that just will not go away…please see an acupuncturist!  I don’t know how it works, but it works!  What do you have to lost by trying it, especially when everything else hasn’t worked?  For the first time since the accident I can see a future without migraines and dizziness.  I can see a normal life.  I didn’t see that before and was starting to despair.  Thank you!!!  I’m so happy the universe put us together!”  Lorie Simmons 

“I felt like I was in a deep meditation in my mind accept I felt it in my whole entire body.  I felt like I was floating. All the depression, anxiety, and stress was stripped away from me and I felt light.”  ~ JFR


"Amy was recommended to me by my best friend and I'm so grateful! She is very thorough and thoughtful in her patient evaluation. I value my twice a month sessions and would recommend it to anyone looking to heal and improve their health in a natural way.Allison Perez

"Amy has amazing talent. She has helped me on numerous occasions and she always is there to answer questions or to talk. She's someone who truly cares about her patients and it shows in her work. Her acupuncture sessions have helped me and her massage therapy sessions have eased tension from everyday life. I would highly recommend Amy to friends and family." - Kaitlyn Study

“Yesterday I went to see Dr. White. I was feeling exhausted because I couldn't sleep well for 3 days. I had been getting up at 2am and not getting back to sleep until the time I had to wake up. I was frustrated. I gave up caffeine so why can't I sleep? I talked with Dr. White about it. This session she had me lay on a special mat that gives off a frequency. Then she removed that mat and applied needles for acupuncture. I immediately felt more relaxed. After our session I ran some errands then went home. As I walked into my bedroom I felt a need to lay down for a minute. That minute turned into 7 hours...then my brother woke me up so I could take him to work. Upon returning home I went straight to sleep and did not get up until 5am (which is my regular wake up time). Finally I feel like my bubbly happy self again. Thank you Dr. White!!!” - M. McGill

I just have to thank you again, I feel so much better. You are wonderful – Trish B., acupuncture patient


“Amy always makes you feel very comfortable, asks good questions & listens intently. She has seemingly endless knowledge of the body & offers great suggestions.” - Barbara L. 

I have seen many massage therapists over the years and Amy is by far the best. She gives you every minute of the hour you pay for and is very attentive to your specific needs. I always feel so much better after my visits, especially because I live with chronic pain. My good feeling lasts well beyond the massage! – Richard S.


Yesterday I was scheduled for a one hour massage with Amy. I so look forward to this time. Amy asked if I would like a relaxing or energizing massage. I chose to be energized. To my pleasant surprise, while I was in lala land during the process, I left and was able to get several errands run, did not nap, got lots done and had a lovely night’s sleep. She also included time on my face, it did rejuvenate my face. I look years younger today. Thanks, Dr Amy White, you are the best! – Hugs, Peggy W.


Thank you again for another healing session. Your office is like the eye of a hurricane, calm and lovely while the storm rages on outside your walls. I can feel that calmness wherever you go. You are truly gifted! Richard B.


After I became a vegetarian, Amy helped me learn what to eat to meet my nutritional needs. I had very low energy when I started seeing her and with good food and understanding supplements; I am feeling much better. I love her suggestions and have passed the information on to many people! – M. Baker


Amy not only helped me lose 25 lbs, she helped me understand how I should be eating for the rest of my life. I feel great and I use the information she has given me everyday. Amy is great! - Brian M Rotenberger


I am a young and extremely active individual who struggled with IBS symptoms and excess body fat when I first came in contact with Amy. Despite the fact that no doctors had been able to pin point what was wrong with my digestive system, and no workout regimes had been able to get rid of my belly fat; Amy had me free of symptoms and in the best shape of my life within three months of her guidance and support. Thank you Amy! - Sophie


Amy has helped me get a better understanding of nutrition, enabling me to make better decisions about what I eat and about my health in general. She knows what she’s talking about and she’s always very professional. She’s also an expert massage therapist, she’s great! – Robby L.


I want to thank you for being a healing influence in my life and want everyone I know or meet to have you in their life, also. From the moment I met you I knew you had a spiritual magic. Thank you for healing my body and the tired muscles by your healing massages and aromatherapy. Also, I have enjoyed your yoga instruction and classes. It goes beyond the moves and the mechanics. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge about food and nutrition. Your services are valuable and I encourage people to think outside of the box and to access your knowledge. – Tania Beckel

I feel 65 years younger after seeing Amy. – Randy Smith

"I was afraid of the idea of acupuncture, due to bad experiences with needles as a child (lots of penicillin shots). However, as I am on the computer all day for my job, I tend to have a lot of shoulder and arm stress. Amy convinced me to give acupuncture a try and it WORKS! One session with her and my shoulders release the tension and my back feels great. Her holistic approach and use of Chinese herbs has improved my quality of life." - Marilyn S., 5 Star Google Review

I started seeing Dr. White in late June because I had serious knee discomfort. She decided to use this white ring that sends a Pulsating Electro Magnetic frequency to my knee. I'm sure she saw me look at her funny but she is the Doctor and highly recommended it so I was like ok. It didn't hurt, in fact I didn't feel anything. However after we ended our session I had to go back down the stairs from her office. I dread going down stairs because it makes my knees hurt so bad. This time was different. This time I practically skipped down those stairs. It was amazing it didn't feel the ring working but my knees totally reacted in a very positive way. I think I will keep going to her." - Sincerely, Maria M.

"Amy is the most intuitive and talented acupuncturist I have ever experienced. So grateful she is in my life." Deedra Boyer

"Amy is an amazing massage therapist. She's very dedicated to her work and the health of others. I would highly recommend her." - Darin Back

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