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Naturally Amy Aromatherapy & Essential Oils


Amy White has committed her life to promoting health and happiness, pouring her heart, soul and intention into the creation of her exceptional line of aromatherapy essential oils. The Naturally Amy line of essential oils is made with only the best natural ingredients and methods, ensuring incomparable quality.


The exclusive Naturally Amy line of aromatherapy, essential oils and bath and skincare products are specifically designed to address many common ailments and promote wellness.


  • Promote Feelings of Peace and Love with Juniper Berry

  • Relax and Boost Your Mood with Oh Happy Day

  • Ease Your Migraine Headache with Basil

  • Relieve Muscle Aches and Congestion with Ravensara

  • Enjoy Restful Sleep with the Soothing Scent of Lavender


Amy specializes in customization - with her aromatherapy and essential oils as well as her other health practices. Customize an essential oil gift for yourself or a loved one! Whatever your desire, Amy can create a custom blend tailored to your unique needs! 

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