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Acupuncture & Pain Management

Did you know that as many as 85% of chronic pain patients have found relief from acupuncture?

Chronic pain can be debilitating. Oftentimes standard treatments like anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, ice/heat, etc. just aren’t enough. Not to mention the side effects and toll that medication often takes on the body.

Over the years, research has increasingly pointed to acupuncture as the answer. Acupuncture involves the insertion of hair-thin needles into specific points in the body to correct imbalance in the flow of energy and affect neurotransmitters and hormone levels. In particular, acupuncture has been found to release endorphins, which have been found to be 200 times more effective than morphine at relieving pain.

Relief can often be felt in as little as one acupuncture treatment, though a series of acupuncture treatments are typically necessary. Whether you are an athlete trying to get back to your training or simply looking for pain relief to improve your overall quality of life, acupuncture may be the answer to restoring vibrant health and optimal functioning.

Acupuncture may be a viable option for relief, whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, pain in the neck, back, hips, knees, elbows, arms, legs or any other area of the body. Patients with arthritis, disc problems, sports injuries, inflammation, headache/migraines, tendonitis, sprains, strains, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and countless other issues have found lasting relief from acupuncture treatment.

Besides being an effective for the management of pain, added benefits of acupuncture include reduced stress, improved sleep quality, lifted mood, increased energy, and more.

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