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Gut Bacteria & Overall Health

Gut Bacteria plays a vital role in our health. From our immune system functioning to digestion, bone density to mood, having a balanced and healthy gut is crucial.

A healthy gut can better absorb minerals and nutrients that are essential to strong bones. What’s more, gut bacteria actually produce additional vitamins, in particular the vitamin K2 that many of us are deficient in. They also nullify anti-nutrients, which can cause nutrient deficiencies by preventing absorption. Furthermore, gut flora releases nutrients that help regulate mood and insulin sensitivity. Research has also found that healthy gut flora can decrease gluten and dairy allergies.

Our gut bacteria is responsible for breaking down the fibers and resistant starches that our host enzymes are unable to digest.

Gut bacteria forms a physical barrier against pathogens, protecting us so that these harmful intruders don’t up residence and wreak havoc on our system.

Our gut bacteria represents a second brain so to speak. An incredible amount of communication goes on between the gut and the brain. From the butterflies in your stomach feeling that accompanies love and romance, to the intuitive “gut feeling” that someone or something is wrong, this was all made possible by your gut “brain.” Furthermore, the majority of our serotonin and much of our dopamine is procuded by gut flora. Depression, anxiety, motivation, obsessive-compulsive, good or bad mood, feeling uplifted, even Autism, much of our mood originates in the gut, making gut health that much more important.

Many people suffering from seemingly unrelated issues have found relief simply through balancing and restoring their gut health. This can be done through nutrition and the support of a trained practitioner. Contact us now to learn more about our food therapy and health coaching services

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