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Digital Infrared Thermography is the only method available for “visualizing” your pain. Thermography shows information relating to inflammation, lymphatic activity, hormonal dysfunction, lymphatic activity, vascular activity and other “functional” abnormalities. Digital Infrared Thermography is painless and radiation free!

What is Thermography?

Clinical Thermography is used to measure the temperature of the skin surface, the temperature of your skin surface reflects the body’s response to a possible disease or injury. Digital Infrared Thermography is used as an aid for diagnosis and monitoring therapy progress for a multitude of conditions and injuries including:

Back injuries Breast Disease

Arthritis Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Headache Disc Disease

Nerve Damage Inflammatory Pain

Unexplained Pain Skin Cancer

Fibromyalgia Referred Pain Syndrome

The procedure is non-invasive and can take as little as 15 minutes! Thermography is FDA approved, is very cost effective and risk free.

X-Rays, C.T. scans, Ultrasounds, M.R,I.’s, etc. are all tests that only measure the structures of your body. Alternatively, Thermography shows physiological changes and metabolic processes.

Thermography is a great diagnosis tool for anyone, and works especially well for women to help indicate early signs of breast disease.

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