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Bone Broth: Part 2

Why is Grass-fed Bone Broth such an incredible Superfood? Because the process of boiling then simmering for days causes the release of highly absorbable nutrients including:

Collagen/Gelatin - Gelatin is produced by the breakdown of collagen in bone broth, offering a number of health benefits including:

  • Helping people with food allergies and sensitivities tolerate those foods - including milk and gluten

  • Protecting & soothing the lining of the digestive tract

  • Promoting probiotic balance & growt

  • Helping heal leaky gut syndrom

  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles & cellulite

  • Promoting healthy skin, nails & hair

  • Easily absorbable bone-building minerals that help reduce joint pain, prevent bone loss, & promote bone strength.

Amino Acids – Grass-fed bone broth is an abundant source of the “conditional” amino acids arginine, glycine, glutamine and proline, which contribute to the healing properties of grass-fed bone broth. “Conditional” amino acids mean they are nonessential but are essential under some conditions. One such condition is when your body is sick or stressed – by illness or simply from the typical unhealthy Western diet which relies heavily on low quality factory farmed animal products, processed carbohydrates, and chemicals. How do these non-essential, yet essential amino acids help? Research has found that the amino acids in bone breath offer such healing benefits as:

  • Improved digestion

  • Reduced inflammation in the respiratory system

  • Improved immune functioning

  • Improvements in allergies, arthritis, & asthma


  • Promotes immune system functioning

  • Speeds wound healing

  • Necessary for the production and release of growth hormone

  • Promotes regeneration of damaged liver cells

  • Necessary for sperm production


  • Prevents breakdown of protein tissue, i.e. muscle

  • Promotes detoxification of chemicals/supports liver in naturally detoxifying the body

  • Inhibitory neurotransmitter that improves sleep, relaxation, memory & performance

  • Necessary for the synthesis of glutathione & uric acid – the body’s most vital endogenous anti-oxidants, i.e. internally produced


  • Promotes regeneration of cartilage

  • Helps heal joints

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Improves skin

  • Helps repair leaky gut


  • Protects the lining of the gut

  • Acts as metabolic fuel for cells in the small intestine

  • Improves metabolism & muscle building

  • Reduces healing & recovery time in hospital patients as well as athletes on an intense training regimen

Chondroitin Sulphates & Glucosamine

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reduces arthritis damage & pain

  • Decreases joint pain

Essential Minerals – Bone broth offers a host of easily absorbable minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sulphur. 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium due to depletion by excess sugar and caffeine consumption, excessive exercise, stress, birth control pills, and diminishing food sources of this mineral in the wake of GMO’s, factory farming, and over-cultivation of soil. Magnesium deficiency is linked with fatigue, high blood pressure, low stamina, headaches, muscle cramps, insomnia, kidney stones, osteoporosis, insomnia, irritability, tingling, poor memory, confusion, and other issues. Grass-fed bone broth offers easily absorbed, high quality supplementation of magnesium and other vital minerals.

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