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Biomats and Why you Need One

How does the Biomat work?

The biomat uses a combination of amethyst stones and fabrics to generate FAR infrared rays that are transferred to the body as heat. FAR infrared rays warm the inside of your body and the part of your body making contact with the mat. As the biomat heats up it will reach the set temperature and will cut off the electric current, when this happens the negative ion lights will come on and stay on until the biomat needs to raise the temperature again. Negative ions are atoms that have a greater number of electrons than protons, which result in a negative charge. Negative ions are believed to relieve stress and boost energy.

Benefits of the Biomat

Biomats are recommended for just about anybody, from athletes to the elderly, construction workers or office workers, biomats are a simple and easy way for you to get the homeopathic pain relief you need!

Biomats treat a variety of symptoms including:

  1. Temporary relief of:

  • Minor muscle pain

  • Minor joint pain and stiffness

  • Joint pain associated with arthritis

  • Muscle spasms

  • Minor strains and sprains

  • Minor muscular back pain

2) Relaxation of muscles

3) Temporary increase of local circulation

With all the wonderful benefits of biomats, it’s amazing not everyone owns one. I use a biomat in my practice as a healing modality, but having your own makes it even more comfortable and easier to see results right from your home!


If you are in the Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, or Greater Orlando area, contact The Points of Health to learn more or to schedule your next health coaching, acupuncture, or massage appointment.

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