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Oatmeal - YUM!

I eat oatmeal maybe once or twice a year because I’m more of a protein eater, but when I do make it… I doctor it up! 😉 (pun not intended). Organic sprouted oats, almond milk, raisins, chopped rolled dates, local honey, collagen protein powder and topped w coconut cream, hemp seeds and sliced almonds. It is very good to have warm cooked foods in the morning and during the winter time. Oats benefit deficient spleen qi, lung dryness and lung yin deficiency with dryness. Oats help treat abdominal distention, fatigue, indigestion, spontaneous sweats, dysentery and conditions of dryness. Raisins and dates help build the blood and curbs sweet cravings. The coconut cream and protein powder helps balance the amount of carbohydrates. The local honey helps any local inhalant allergies. (Always buy local honey if you have allergies.)


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