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Top 5 Benefits of Cupping

Learn all about the ancient medicine of cupping and its benefits! If you really know how beneficial this technique is for your body, you will consider it!

When we think of medieval medical practices, we think of images with cupping from historical films, where the doctor holds the flame just below a glass jar or cup before placing it on the back of a sick patient, creating a vacuum. Thisabsorbs the skin upwards into the glass jar.

The practice of cupping seems so contrary to modern medicine that it is hard to believe that it can benefit our health. But modern medicine has proven just that. This ancient practice can really help in healing the sick. In this article, we will look at the top 5 benefits of cupping based on real scientific evidence.

1. Increased function of Immune System

In a study of the ancient cupping technique called Al-hijamah, researchers say it can be a promising treatment to boost the immune system’s function in a human body, enhancing the pharmacological effects of modern drugs and cleansing the blood of pathogens that cause and are associated with the pathogenesis of many diseases. Research has shown that cupping helped boost immune system function by 156% when added to conventional pharmacotherapy.

2. Reduction of Chronic Pain

The joint study of Egypt and Saudi Arabia also found that the chronic intensity of pain reported by patients was reduced after treatment with cupping. The amount of pain reported by patients seeking help was reduced by almost 34% after one month of cupping therapy, 40% after two months, and 59% after three months of treatment. This is true for people experiencing rheumatoid arthritis and the benefits are believed to extend to other types of chronic pain as well.

3. Improves Defense against Viral and Bacterial Diseases

Herpes, flu, viral hepatitis, acne, dermatitis, and cellulitis are all health problems that can also be improved with cupping. The way cupping works to improve health is complex, because the treatment works on multiple systems of the body at the same time. In the neurological system, neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins are released during treatment. In the immune system, temporary skin irritation activates the function of the immune system which then increases interferons and increases lymphatic fluid flow.

4. Reduction of Cardiovascular Diseases

Systolic hypertension, heart failure, vascular thrombosis of the legs, myocardial ischemia, and arrhythmia were reduced with the use of the cupping, as reported in the Arabic-Egyptian study.

5. Reduction of Headaches