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Happy Holidays from The Points of Health

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! In this busy season, make sure you take time to take care of yourself. An hour of massage or acupuncture can do wonders to reduce your stress!

You can save $100 by buying a Package of 10 Gift Certificates. You may use them for yourself or choose to give to others (and write it off if it is business related). Or just buy one or two for that special someone. You can pick them up or I will mail them to you. Take the stress out of shopping and give a "feel good" gift!

Packages may be shared with family members:

Massage Pkg. of 10 1 hour long sessions, that's 600 hours total for $700 ($100 savings!)

Acupuncture Pkg. of 4, $320 ($20 savings)

Acupuncture Pkg. of 6, $468 ($42 savings)

Acupuncture Pkg. of 10, $750 ($100 savings!)

Hope to see you soon! I will be around for the holidays if you and your friends and family would like to come in.

Peace, Love and Light to you this Season,


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