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Family Togetherness: Start a Garden with Your Children!

Romaine Lettuce Starter Plant

Starter plants are an easy way to start a garden with your children. Use fruits and vegetables that they like, and enjoy bonding over gardening, harvesting, and cooking together! Starter plants can be started outside or indoors in a window sill garden. Perfect opportunity to connect while teaching your children an important life skill and helping them develop an appreciation for nature. Besides that, it encourages positive self-confidence, and research suggests it may improve their level of achievement in science. All that digging around in the earth may also help build their immune system, with the added benefits of sunshine and physical activity. Gardening is a wonderful family activity to boost their well-being and connections all around.

Gardening in 8 Easy Steps:

  1. Check Your Timing

  2. Check Your Location

  3. Choose Your Plot

  4. Prepare Your Soil

  5. Choose Your Plants

  6. Begin Planting

  7. Water, Watch, & Weed

  8. Harvest, Cook & Enjoy!

Kale Starter Plant

Kale Starter Plant After 2 Weeks of Growth