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Acupuncture for Athletes

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply working to be fit and healthy, training can take a toll on your body. You may experience back or neck pain, pain in your hips or knees, fatigue, muscle soreness, or inflammation. Good news: acupuncture can help get you back into balance!

Benefits of acupuncture for fitness include:

  • Better activation of glute muscles, restoring the connection between body and brain, which will enable you to better maintain the necessary hip stability to avoid injury and pain.

  • The repetitive stress of training can take a toll on the fascia and joints. This in turn can make you more prone to injury. Acupuncture works to release adhesions and trigger points along the meridians, i.e. the fascial trains or kinetic chains. This corrects the imbalances that are causing you pain and injury. Acupuncture typically works very quickly for this type of issue.

  • Acupuncture increases blood circulation and supply to areas that are otherwise limited.

  • Acupuncture releases excess tension in the muscles and fascia, reducing stress to overworked areas.

  • Acupuncture can resolve persistent inflammation, supporting your body’s natural healing abilities and allowing strength, mobility and functioning to be restored.

  • Acupuncture is one of the most effective ways to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for allowing you to rest, heal, digest, and sleep properly. By stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, acupuncture can help your body recover from intense training.

The Points of Health in Maitland, Florida has helped countless people decrease symptoms and improve functioning - including improving athletic performance, promoting weight loss, boosting energy and mood, and enjoying relief from pain, headaches, infertility, depression, and more. We also offer massage therapy, food therapy, cupping, ear seeds, health coaching, B12 injection therapy, Qi Gong, and aromatherapy in addition to Acupuncture. We are centrally located between Seminole and Orange county, just minutes from Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Longwood, and Orlando. Give us a call at (407) 625-2629 or email us to get started!

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