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Why a pH Balanced Alkaline Diet is Better for Your Health

The diet that most of us grew up on, The Standard American diet, is too high in sugar, contains too many processed foods and is very low in fiber. Inevitably, this diet leads to many chronic and incurable diseases like, obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, and Type II Diabetes, just to name a few. Processed foods are predominately found in animal-based diets that can result in an overly acidic body chemistry.

What does this mean?

When your body contains high levels of an acidic pH it aggravates every health problem and every diagnosis. For example, cancer thrives in an overly acidic body chemistry. Almost all cases of arthritis (any type) are associated wth high levels of acid in the body. Additionally, people with more acidic body tissues experience more pain.The body functions best when it has a slightly alkaline pH. The normal pH of human blood is from 7.35-7.45 and the pH scale ranges from 1-14, 1 being most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline.

There are many conditions caused by having too much acid in the blood. Ketoacidosis, a life-threatening condition common in diabetics, is caused by having too much acid in the blood stream. Another condition that is caused by an excess of acid in the body is metabolic acidosis which occurs in people that suffer from pulmonary obstructive disease. Too many acids can overload the kidneys’ ability to eliminate them. Much more common than these rare pH conditions is when excess acids are stored in the body tissues while the blood remains pH balanced. This happens to most Americans due to the standard American lifestyle. Acid accumulates in vital organs and attract calcium deposits (because calcium is very alkaline) and can show up as arthritis, bone spurs, gallstones, kidney stones, and calcification of tumors.

What causes the body to accumulate excess acids?

Most commonly an excess of acid is caused by lack of sleep, stimulants, not drinking enough water and an excess amount of protein in your diet. Excess proteins can turn the body into an overly acidic state. Animal proteins are sulfurated among acids that a very acidic and can overwhelm the kidneys, causing an accumulation of acids in the body tissues, which we already mentioned is cause for many diseases and conditions.

Everyone needs some protein in their diet, and we cannot have a perfectly alkaline diet, but the body can more easily eliminate acids created by a diet that contains a healthy amount of protein. A diet that is properly pH balanced contains proteins in the proper proportion, which is the size of your palm, not including your fingers. No one needs to eat meat three times a day, this far exceeds any recommended daily allowance of protein. A pH balanced healthy diet is high in plant foods and low in animal foods. Plant foods are high in antioxidants, fiber, and phytonutrients (which fight cancer). Meat contains none of these.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, and a healthy lifestyle really makes a difference in your body’s well-being.

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